Advantages to Using Portland Research Group

  • Research skills
    We draw on years of experience across multiple industries, and use sophisticated market research tools to provide our clients with a dynamic blend of market-based knowledge and strategic marketing thinking.
  • Customization
    Each research project is customized to match our clients' particular needs and to provide reliable results concerning the objectives at hand.
  • Data integrity
    We believe that higher quality data produces better results — the validity of the results is only as good as the quality of the process. At Portland Research Group, we ensure that every aspect of the process is controlled in order to produce the most valid, accurate and reliable results possible.
  • Attention to detail
    All projects receive our close personal attention from beginning to end, ensuring quality research and data our clients can trust.
  • Careful study design
    Our effective study designs reflect our full understanding of our clients’ needs. Whether designing a questionnaire or moderating a focus group, we strive to obtain the knowledge our clients need to make sound decisions.
  • Respect for client input
    We combine our clients' knowledge of their particular market and organization with our market research skills. For all projects, we involve clients in the research process as much as they are willing to be involved.
  • Commitment to client needs
    At Portland Research Group, we are fully committed to client needs and respect the confidential nature of all the studies we conduct. Qualities such as reliability, accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness are of utmost importance to us.
  • Customer service
    Our intent is to form long-term relationships with our clients. We are always available for our clients, even months after a project has been completed.
  • Expert analysis
    Our analysis is based on our thorough understanding of each client’s organization, needs, and goals.
  • Actionable information
    We carefully interpret the results of all projects and provide meaningful recommendations our clients can use, not just admire in a binder on a shelf. We don’t try to sell clients anything that isn’t useful to them.
  • Proven abilities
    The majority of our business is through word of mouth and most of our clients come back again.
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