Principals and Key Staff

Bruce Lockwood, President

Bruce has more than 25 years of experience in market research. He has served national clients ranging from American Express, Quaker Oats, and AT&T, to Bose Corporation, IBM, and L. L. Bean. In addition, he has worked with numerous organizations in Maine such as FAME, Central Maine Power, DECD, Family Planning Association of Maine, Mercy Hospital, Martin's Point Health Care, and several local banks. Bruce's unique perspective reflects his first-hand experience in advertising and consulting as well as at the user end of market research. His accomplishments include:
  • Managing and refining a comprehensive tracking audit of the financial products and services used by households in Massachusetts;
  • Perfecting Direct Marketing Impact Analysis, a hybrid research method that combines the flexibility and richness of information gained from qualitative research with the statistical rigor of quantitative research to determine the efficacy of direct marketing campaigns and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement (used by major U.S. corporations and the world’s leading direct marketing advertising agency);
  • Prioritizing, for the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, the addition of proprietary databases to a core database marketing system and recommending and implementing ways to benefit from the synergies of market research and data mining;
  • Creating and developing a Market Research and Customer Information System for the world’s largest animal health diagnostic and information corporation.
Bruce holds a B.S. in Operations Research from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and an M.B.A. from the Olin Graduate School of Management at Babson College, where he participated in the International Management Internship Program at Marks & Spencer in London, England.

Kevin McPhee, Senior Research Analyst

Kevin handles research analysis and report preparation, survey and cross tabulation programming, and data collection management for Portland Research Group. He has nine years of experience helping our wide range of clients achieve their unique research goals.

Kevin holds a B.A. in English from Pomona College.
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