What We Do

Portland Research Group is a full-service marketing research consulting firm. The company conceptualizes, designs and manages all types of marketing research projects from focus groups to telephone surveys to web surveys and is particularly noteworthy for helping companies use marketing research as a strategic business decision making tool.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on collecting accurate and reliable data among relevant audiences. In addition, the company spends as much time as is necessary with clients to make sure clients receive the highest possible value from their marketing research investment.

Providing straightforward, easy to understand marketing research that can be applied to specific strategic business issues is the goal of Portland Research Group.

Portland Research Group is a member of the:

Portland Research Group can give you the information and insight you need to:
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Build winning brands
  • Develop market-leading products and services
  • Revitalize existing brands
  • Discover untapped markets
  • Target-market to the habits and preferences of specific customer group
In order to meet the expectations of every client, Portland Research Group takes particular care in:
  • Design: methodology, sampling and research instruments
  • Data collection: ranging from telephone surveys to focus groups
  • Analysis: statistical analysis, content analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting: straightforward, comprehensible reports for technical and non-technical audiences
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