Local Business Lends Helping Hand

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The staff of Portland Research Group recently shut down their office and spent a half day doing a very different kind of work – making improvements to a section of the 35-mile network of trails around Greater Portland. Market Research Team Volunteer Day Portland Research Group's staff volunteered for Portland Trails, the local nonprofit land trust that manages the trails, by focusing clean up efforts on the Fore River Trail, which runs along the Fore River and rail tracks, through wooded and marsh areas east to Thompson's Point. Those who usually can be found with laptops, BlackBerries and spreadsheets in hand spent the day pruning overgrown vegetation, resurfacing part of the trail, and building a water bar. "Besides a little vacation from the day-to-day routine, volunteering was an outstanding way to connect with each other outside of the office, and accomplish something for an important organization in our community," said Bonnie Esposito, a research analyst with Portland Resarch Group. And community is what counts, according to Bruce Lockwood, president and founder of Portland Research Group. He said Portland Research Group's staff sees the value of the Portland community in their daily life, but volunteering for Portland Trails really enhances the connection. "We're a small, local business; they're a small, local nonprofit. They do incredible work making Portland an even more inviting place for all, so if we can help, we're glad to do it," Lockwood said. With so many miles of trail to manage, especially for a small staff, Portland Trails relies on volunteers to get the job done. "Our volunteers keep an eye out, report issues and often pick up the tools to fix problems themselves," said Charles Baldwin, trail foreman. "Organized volunteer days – like Portland Research Group's recent effort – are an important part of our maintenance program and allow us to tackle bigger projects that require many hands." To find out how you can help Portland Trails, visit http://www.trails.org/ and click on "Get Involved," or, call 207.775.2411. For more information on Portland Research Group, visit http://www.4662500.com.
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