Market Research Methods

Our approach to research rests on three principles:

First, without sound data, any kind of analysis will be flawed. That’s why we devote so much attention to data collection, making sure, for example, that only relevant respondents participate in our studies, and that they truly represent the target groups in question.

Second, to be useful, the analysis must be clear and to-the-point. We won’t try to talk you into paying for CHAID analysis, for example, unless we’re confident that it will add value to the research and you and your internal clients are comfortable with the results.

Finally, at Portland Research Group, we realize that the real value of market research lies in applying knowledge to issues your organization needs to address. It is a competitive advantage for our clients, and inspires us to deliver “tomorrow’s answers today.”

We work with our clients to design and manage market research projects using the following methodologies:

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