Focus Groups

Focus groups are a commonly used method of qualitative research and a great way to obtain a deeper understanding of key issues. Focus groups allow researchers to capture opinions of participants in a unique setting. Options include in-person, online, or by telephone.

Clients are encouraged to monitor the sessions live, although video and audio recordings are readily available. Focus groups are also used to explore issues in preparation for large, quantitative studies. Participants help identify the colloquial language necessary to garner accurate information during the more extensive data collection effort.

The groups are led by an unbiased, independent moderator who follows a discussion guide which has been designed to explore particular issues regarding the objectives of the research.

At Portland Research Group, Bruce Lockwood is an experienced moderator who has the ability to keep a group focused while following the most productive lines of questioning. Bruce will engage the group to build on themes raised in the discussions, provided the discussions continue to address the objectives of the research.
Finally, participants’ comments or suggestions are collected and analyzed and recommendations are made based on the insights produced by the study.

Getting Started…
We typically recruit a highly selective group of customers – we shoot for a group of 12 with the expectation that 8 to 10 will show up. Participants are recruited using a screener to reflect specific characteristics of the selected market.
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