Field & Tab

Portland Research Group provides a custom Field and Tab (data collection) service for clients who primarily need data collection and data processing assistance. A typical Field and Tab project has the following stages:

  1. Survey & Sample: A client delivers the sample (or sampling requirements) and survey (draft or completed).
  2. Prepare for Data Collection: We finalize the materials and prepare the sample (obtained or provided) for data collection.
  3. Data Collection: We manage all data collection (telephone, web, or mail) keeping our clients informed with regular updates.
  4. Data Processing: Once we’ve reached the required quotas, we process the data for analysis (code, enter open-end codes, clean the data set). We develop and deliver a full set of response frequencies and cross-tabulations to your specifications.
  5. Ongoing Support: We’re available for ongoing support (additional analysis, reporting, or interpretation).
So, for projects where you need just a little bit of market research consulting with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy, Portland Research Group is here for you.
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