Onsite Surveys

Onsite surveys are used effectively at trade shows, conferences, and other venues where you have enough respondent traffic to provide you with the feedback you are looking for. We can administer these types of interviews in a way that traditional paper and pencil fall short.

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

Portland Research Group utilizes Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) to administer onsite surveys.

CAPI is a research tool that utilizes stand-alone laptops. Surveys can either be conducted one-on-one by a professional interviewer, or be self-administered.

CAPI probes for open-ended questions, minimizes non-response bias, and always prompts the respondent with the correct question (based on the previous answer given).

Plus, information from questions can be inserted into later questions to personalize the interview and produce more accurate and richer data. Because responses are immediately logged electronically, quotas and top-line results can be checked instantly.
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