Web Survey Features

Our web surveys are designed with high quality data and functionality in mind. Several key features help us ensure successful data collection, including:

  • Text and response piping and back referencing allows us to display information collected in a previous question.
  • Skip and choose logic ensures that respondents only answer questions for which they are qualified to answer (based on previous questions).
  • Inclusions and exclusions allow us to present respondents with a list that includes or excludes different elements (based on previous questions).
  • Randomization of elements ensures the integrity of data by allowing us to randomize questions or elements within a question.
  • Constant sum logic allows us to display totals for a set of numeric questions. The totals are displayed onscreen and in real-time.
  • Image display gives us the opportunity to incorporate images in a web survey, which makes our surveys an effective means for visual product testing, catalog design testing, etc.
  • Error messages help ensure the integrity of data by alerting respondents when a required question has been skipped or when a question has been answered incorrectly.
  • Respondent tracking allows us to track which respondents have completed the survey, helping us maximize response and link back to important sample elements.
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