Web Survey Navigation

We know that making a survey easy to complete is essential to receiving a good response. That's why we pay close attention to the navigation structure when designing our web surveys. We focus on creating a logical flow so respondents clearly understand what is being asked. We also utilize several navigational features to assist respondents. Those features include:

  • Manual suspend and resume allows respondents to suspend a survey in progress and resume from the same point where they left off.
  • Auto suspend and resume enables respondents who accidentally close their browser while the survey is in progress to resume from the same point where they left off.
  • Backing-up through the survey allows respondents to go back and change a previous answer. Depending on the nature and structure of a survey, the back-up feature can be beneficial or detrimental to the results. Accordingly, we have the flexibility to include or exclude it.
  • The status bar notifies respondents of their progress while taking a survey.
  • Required/optional feature allows us to designate whether or not a respondent must complete a question before proceeding to the next question.
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